About SOAR


Social Opportunities & Active Recreation, Inc. (SOAR) was established, as a 501(c)(3), in 2015 to strengthen the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities in Glynn and McIntosh Counties. Specifically, SOAR focuses on providing athletic, social and recreational opportunities for their consumers. An in-depth study of the local community concluded that opportunities for citizens with developmental disabilities (outside of the public school system) were lacking. Surveys from parents and caregivers revealed an overwhelming need. SOAR was established to fill this void. Its active board of directors is committed to SOAR’s vision: “Citizens with developmental disabilities will have access to enriching and engaging activities within the community, much like their non-disabled peers.”


SOAR's mission - "SOAR links citizens with developmental disabilities to community partners enriching the lives of all" - is evident in its two programs as follows:

Adult Enrichment Program

This volunteer-run program facilitates linking adults with developmental disabilities (SOAR Club members) with community partners such as businesses, churches and civic clubs. SOAR collaborates with its community partners by co-sponsoring social, recreational and leisure activities for SOAR Club members. This program not only provides enriching and inclusive opportunities for SOAR Club members, but also acts as a vehicle for community entities to forge relationships with their neighbors with developmental disabilities. SOAR's brand - Together, We SOAR - is based on its core belief in promoting an inclusive community.

SOAR continually recruits club members and community partners to join the SOAR Network.

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Special Sports Support Program

SOAR employs an activities coordinator whose primary responsibility is to collaborate with Special Olympics Coastal Georgia to coordinate the Special Olympics program in Glynn and McIntosh Counties. This program serves 526 athletes and provides year-round practices and opportunities to participate in local, regional and state games. For more information about the Special Olympics program in Glynn and McIntosh Counties call (912) 602-8077 or visit www.socga.org.

Special Projects

iCan Bike

In July, 2016, SOAR hosted the iCan Bike camp which is a program that teaches individuals with disabilities to ride a two-wheeled bicycle using specialized instruction and adapted equipment. This project was life-changing for the 30 participants who had never been able to successfully ride a bicycle like their non-disabled peers. For example, one of the riders now has the means to transport himself to work, and others are able to go out into their neighborhoods and ride with their families and friends.

iCan Swim

SOAR is seeking funding to host the iCan Swim camp in July, 2017. This camp is structured much like the iCan Bike program with the overall goal of teaching people with disabilities how to safely enjoy aquatic recreation, promoting as much independent movement in the water as possible. Each swimmer will have his or her own unique goals ranging from introduction to water exploration to skill refinement for preparation to join a Special Olympics, Paralympic or other swim team. More information can be found at icanshine.org.


What does SOAR stand for?

SOAR is an acronym for Social Opportunities & Active Recreation, Inc.

What is a developmental disability?

The Centers for Disease Control refer to developmental disabilities as a group of conditions that are due to an impairment in physical, learning, language or behavior areas. These conditions begin early in life and may impact day-to-day functioning, and usually last throughout a person's lifetime. Facts About Developmental Disabilities

What counties does SOAR serve?

SOAR serves Glynn and McIntosh Counties in Georgia.

Is SOAR a 501(c)(3) corporation?

Yes, SOAR received its 501(c)(3) status on November 6, 2015.

How can someone I know become a SOAR Club member?

Contact SOAR at info@soargoldenisles.org or at (912) 434-3484 to learn more about becoming a SOAR Club member. More information can be found here.

How does my organization become a Community Partner?

Contact SOAR at info@soargoldenisles.org or at (912) 434-3484 or submit this Community Partner Recruitment Form.

How can I become a SOAR Volunteer?

Submit the volunteer registration form or contact SOAR for more information at (912) 434-3484 or by email at info@soargoldenisles.org.

What are the requirements to become a SOAR Club Member?

Eligible members are adults with a developmental disability who are no longer attending school.

I am interested in SOAR's mission, but I have no experience in working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Can I still become a SOAR volunteer?

Yes, SOAR seeks all kinds of volunteers with a variety of skills. We need volunteers for behind the scenes operations such as technology, public relations, clerical work, fundraising, etc. All SOAR volunteers working directly with its clientele will undergo volunteer training to educate and prepare them for working with the population. Those volunteers with less experience will be paired with seasoned volunteers. All volunteers working directly with SOAR Club members are required to undergo a criminal background check.

I am interested in volunteering, but I work full time and cannot devote too much time to the effort. Is there a place for me to help out with SOAR?

Yes, SOAR can accommodate any volunteer's schedule.

I am a family member of an individual with a developmental disability and looking for resources in the community for support. Can SOAR help me?

Yes. SOAR is always interested in assisting families and individuals with disabilities by sharing information about local agencies and organizations that can provide all kinds of support. We are happy to share ideas and brainstorm solutions with you.

What is SOAR's relationship with Special Olympics Coastal Georgia?

SOAR employs an activities coordinator whose primary funtion is to oversee the Special Olympics program in Glynn and McIntosh Counties. SOAR seeks funding from the community to sustain this position. SOAR and Special Olympics Coastal Georgia have a collaborative relationship with joint goals and cross representation on the Special Olympics Management Team and the SOAR Board of Directors.

How is SOAR funded?

SOAR's funding comes from community entities, local foundations, individual donors and competitive grants. SOAR continually pursues avenues for additional funding has an active volunteer base to help meet its goals.