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SOAR provides a variety of ways for people in our community to support our neighbors with developmental disabilities.

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Join the SOAR Network as a Community Partner

Why? Adults with disabilities lack opportunities for social and recreational activities and chances to interact with their non-disabled peers. Thus, they are kept on the fringes of the community. By working together for inclusion, we can improve life for everyone.

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How? SOAR seeks community partners such as civic clubs, businesses, Sunday School classes, youth groups, etc. to co-sponsor activities for adults with developmental disabilities. A SOAR-trained volunteer will guide the planning process for activities, provide procedural guidelines, and facilitate notification of SOAR club members.

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What? Host an activity that your organization and SOAR Club members can enjoy together. Activities can be flexible and customized to work well with your organization’s circumstances. There is a lot of room for creative thinking. For example, here are just a few ideas: arts/crafts, picnics, dances, parties, games (ie. bingo), exercise/yoga, cooking, sports, bowling, skating, beach clean-ups, music, outdoor activities, or just about anything that fits the focus of your organization. The sky is the limit!

Or, if co-hosting an activity is not possible, consider providing some funding, and SOAR will plan it for you! Or your funding could go toward other necessities such as transportation. If you are interested in learning more, complete the Community Partner Recruitment form or contact SOAR for more information at (912) 434-3484 or at

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Become a SOAR Volunteer

Volunteers are needed for events sponsored by SOAR and their community partners. Additionally, SOAR seeks volunteers with a variety of skills for behind the scenes operations, such as technology, clerical work, public relations, fundraising, etc. All prospective SOAR volunteers must undergo a criminal background check.

If you are interested in becoming a SOAR volunteer, please complete this Volunteer Registration Form or for more information contact (912) 434-3484 or email SOAR at

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